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Various activities - SPK Live
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May 2011
Steve K
Thu, May. 19th, 2011 12:32 pm
Various activities

OK, I'm not even going to pretend that I am going to try to do LiveJournal regularly anymore.  I'm just not faithful about it like I used to be.  I do miss being able to go back and read things in detail, though.  The worst thing about Facebook, by far, is that you can't go back to a specific time period and see what you were up to.  You have to keep clicking and scrolling until you get to when you want and if it's more than a few weeks old, it's too much of a pain.  I guess you can do that with the Notes feature, but I'm not any better about that than I am about LJ.  I figure if I am going to put in the effort, I might as well do it on here.
Still not working, which is very unfortunate.  I wish I could get something going on that front, but it's been difficult.  Last year, I did some volunteer work through the Volunteer Center @ RSVP.  It started out targeting seniors looking to stay involved in the community, but now any ages can sign up.  This year, I've been helping at the Readers Services desk downtown at the Allen County Public Library, plus I've been inputting some new materials at the Holy Cross school library once a week or so.  Lauren "Muffy" Smith has been helping with the latter, which has been cool.  Nice to see her and get caught up a little after not seeing her for a long time.  I also babysit at Holy Cross MOPS every other week, which has been fun.  I have my little "fan club" of kids who show up regularly, we usually have a good time.  Stephanie & Nathan's son Elijah tends to hang out in my arms and seems to be most at ease when he's with me, so I call him my little buddy. :)

The Summit City Fencing Club has had some big changes, but I am still the president.  Was just reelected a few days ago to go through most of the 2011-12 season.  We started the current season in September by having practices at St. Henry Catholic Church way down southeast on Paulding Rd.  Then, we did four months at Glenbrook Square Mall, which was January-April 2011.  Not ideal because it was carpeted, but we got a ton of visibility and people picked up flyers all the time.  We actually were hoping to stay there longer, but the corporate office decided not to extend the contract rather unexpectedly.  Now, we are doing once a week at Franke Park Elementary School.  Hoping to get at least a couple more nights a week somewhere, but it's been a challenge.  Things like having to store fencing club equipment in our family's garage hasn't helped, especially when a cabinet tipped over and hit my father's car.  The damage wasn't too terrible, but it will still be expensive to fix; thankfully, it looks like our insurance will cover everything.  On the flip side, we've had some good things happen like an increase in club membership and well-attended tournaments.  We've handed out an "A" in epee twice now, as well as some other high ratings.  Great to have good word-of-mouth and well-attended events, it makes things much more fun!

Mom and Dad are doing well overall.  They switched church membership over from Holy Cross to St. Peter's Lutheran Church a few months back.  Dad has preached there a few times, as well as played the piano for the praise group.  He preached on Maundy Thursday, then he & Mom came to service at Holy Cross on Good Friday and Easter.  So, that was kind of special!  Dad is also working part-time at Concordia Theological Seminary, handling a couple projects.  He's keeping busy when he's not playing golf -- Ha!  Mom has been wanting to do some work outside, so last year they hired a guy to refurbish the little garden back by the garage.  He came back a couple weeks ago to redo part of the front yard, ripping out some old bushes and putting in new plants.  They also got someone from Bath Fitter to fix the tub in my bathroom; tiles had started falling out and the whole thing was a mess, but it looks great now.  Mom also wants to fix the front stoop and the driveway, so some concrete guys have done some work and will be back again soon to finish.  A lot of projects, but it's nice to see the house being improved and keeping things fixed up.

Guess those are the big items from the last few months.  I want to keep a record for myself on here more than anything else, but comments are always welcome.  Like I said, I tend to be on Facebook pretty regularly at this point.  Whether it's on LJ or FB, keep in touch!

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Thu, Sep. 29th, 2011 04:58 am (UTC)
Facebook Timeline

Looks like you're going to get your wish. I haven't tried it yet but what I've read about Facebook timeline seems to indicate it's going to let you do exactly that time-based browsing of your history that you wanted :-) Me? I'm just here on LJ deleting spam comments on my own that I haven't posted in since 2009. And I stay off FB and on Twitter as much as possible, though I've had to spend a bit more time on FB due to others interacting with me there :-)

Mon, Jul. 23rd, 2012 04:52 am (UTC)
Re: Facebook Timeline

Wow, that's a bit of deja vu; I got a spam comment on my LJ emailed to me, so I logged in to delete it, ended up back at your blog (apparently again), saw your post about wishing Facebook had what is now Timeline, thought "hey FB has Timeline, haha I should mention that now," scrolled down and--I'd already said as much last September. Completely forgot, and yet I'm back due to essentially the same set of circumstances. Feels like I'm stuck in a localized time loop with a 10-month duration :-) See you again here next time through the loop in May? ;-)

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