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Scrubs Finale - SPK Live
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May 2011
Steve K
Fri, May. 9th, 2008 09:58 pm
Scrubs Finale

The series finale of Scrubs was last night, May 8, for better or worse (though I have heard rumors that an eighth season may appear on ABC).  I actually do think it ended well and would probably prefer to see it go on a relatively high note.  I found it interesting that they chose to center the last episode on Dr. Cox, but this is totally appropriate -- he really became the heart & soul of the show in later years.  I was also intrigued that the JD/Elliot romance "resolution" barely got crammed in at the end, it seems like even the writers and cast didn't care if they did or didn't end up together, they just felt obligated to put something out there for the fans.  I thought the "Princess Bride" homage was cute, at least.  One reviewer wrote this: "Scrubs has always been something of an oddity. It's a hospital drama that's also a comedy. It can be sad, poignant and, at times, quite deep. It can also be goofy. And funny, in a gentle, disarming way. It's rarely nasty, and never vicious. And when it's on its game, as it is tonight, it can pull off the tricky high-wire act of walking between sad and silly with an almost dazzling self-assurance."  It's about the only comedy I've ever seen that ended on something of a genuinely melancholy note.  Seinfeld ended in a prison cell, but it didn't have that poignancy that the reviewer talked about.  I agree wholeheartedly, I loved that combo of goofiness and sincerity that Scrubs was able to pull off, even if it started to fumble a little bit in later seasons.

I don't know if they changed writers or what, but JD went from being quirky and offbeat to more annoying and off-putting over the course of the show.  I suspect, if I had to pick a moment that the show "jumped the shark," was the episode when Elliot dumped Sean (played by Scott Foley) for JD and he immediately decided he didn't want to be with her.  I sometimes wonder if Scott Foley wouldn't commit to keep playing the role or if he asked for too much money because I felt like she dumped him rather spuriously.  There was no good reason for Elliot to leave Sean for JD, but JD deciding he didn't love her right after the fact made it even worse.  I know the show "jumped the shark" when they had a very touching episode in which Nurse Roberts died, then the same actress came back as a "look-alike."  If they liked having Aloma Wright on set so much, they shouldn't have killed off her character!  They cheapened that "death episode," as well as the character, and the show definitely crossed the line from charmingly goofy over to outright dumb at that point.  Well, I suppose no show is perfect, but it was still irritating.

All things being equal, though, Scrubs was still a darn good show, especially compared to a lot of the crap out there.  I will miss it and I am sad it got a bit of "the boot" at the end, but I think it ended well.  What other show placed dancing on such a high comedic pedestal?  For that alone, it will always hold a special place in my heart.  And I'm glad to see Sarah Chalke continuing to act on another quirky little show that I enjoy called How I Met Your Mother.  Good times, I think I might buy the entire series of Scrubs if it comes out in a boxed set (and when I have some spare cash).

In other TV news, So You Think You Can Dance returns on May 22 -- woo-hoo!!!

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Sat, May. 10th, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)

I thought Scrubs was just getting kicked off NBC--I heard it was going to be on ABC next season.

Steve K
Mon, May. 19th, 2008 09:35 pm (UTC)

When I wrote this on May 9, I did refer to a rumor under the cut and said that I heard the same thing about ABC. Since then, Zach Braff gave "official notice" on his blog on May 12, which I read about on TVGuide.com. And thank the Lord Almighty, I also read an interview with Bill Lawrence in which he addressed my biggest pet peeve with the show: "It's still a comedy, but when we first did the show, it was a drama with elements of comedy and lots of stupid sound effects. But some of the strongest episodes in the second and third year had character comedy. You can still do things like kill Brendan Fraser and have the lady that loved musical theater die and then sing a song at the end. This became a very Simpsons-esque show with incredibly broad, unrealistic moments and fantasies that were both in reality and not in reality. When you've been writing this show for seven years, it's so easy to get into these patterns of writing the same jokes over and over: J.D. loves Turk, J.D. wants Dr. Cox's approval, Elliot's whiny and neurotic. But this year the stuff is really f--king good. I think our old stand-by fans are really going to dig these shows." Hooooray!!!

Edited at 2008-05-19 09:35 pm (UTC)

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