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Comedy of Errors - SPK Live
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May 2011
Steve K
Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005 01:35 pm
Comedy of Errors

Sheesh, what an afternoon this has been!  I made plans to meet my friend Amanda at Taco Bell on Coldwater Rd at 11:30 AM today, then we were going to go play mini-golf.  When I got to the location, guess what -- Taco Bell was completely demolished!  Even the sign was gone.  I could not believe it, and to top things off, neither of us owns a cell phone.  I waited on the corner for about 15 minutes, hoping I might see her drive by.  Then, I went over to the Putt-Putt course to see if she had driven over there, no luck.  I went home to see if she had left any messages, and decided to drive back over about 12:30 in order to double-check things and maybe meet her at Arby's next door.  Unbeknownst to me, Coliseum Blvd had been restricted to one lane when it had been wide open an hour earlier, so it took me an extra 15 minutes to get back there!  I then called home from a pay phone, and Mom let me know she had called and left a message saying she wouldn't be able to go out again today.  Ack!

When I finally got home (again), I called her to say I was sorry.  Thankfully, she had a sense of humor about the whole thing.  I apologized profusely, and she laughed and said there was no way we could have known.  The funny thing is that she went over to the mini-golf course after passing Taco Bell's location, and said she probably left about three minutes before I got there!  Then, she called about four minutes after I left to go back to Arby's!  We agreed that we were on the same page, just off by about five minutes.  Crazy, it was a comedy of errors the likes of which I have rarely experienced before.  The kicker is that this is the second time this has happened to me in Ft Wayne!  I was getting together with my friend Rose, and suggested the Tumbleweed up north on Lima Rd.  I get there, and it's permanently closed down!  Luckily, one possibility that had been mentioned was the nearby Cracker Barrel, so I quickly drove over there and called her cell phone.  So, that ended up working out in the end, but I can't believe it happened again today!  I am no longer picking places to eat, I seem to have very bad luck at that.  Anyway, we're going to try to get together again sometime soon, maybe after she gets back from her whitewater rafting trip next week.  What a fiasco.

I did manage to get together with my friend Troy yesterday, though even that got slightly flubbed when I didn't see him sitting behind a pillar.  I went outside for about 10 minutes and finally went back in to get a seat and order a drink.  When I returned, a different waitress asked if she could help, and realized that I was looking for the man she had seated earlier!  Troy said he had tried to look out for me, but we obviously had missed each other.  Well, not a big deal.  We then went over to the Coventry dollar theater to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which was actually pretty good!  I enjoyed it, and you can't beat the 50-cent matinee price.  Batman Begins and a couple other good summer flicks are supposed to be getting there in a week or two, so I said we'd have to be sure to get together again soon!

To add insult to today's injuries, all the driving around I've done lately meant I needed to fill up my gas tank.  I had been putting it off, and the price kept climbing to new record levels!  I set the pump to work automatically, then cleaned my windshield and thought about what I was going to say to Amanda.  When the pump clicked, I looked over and just about rolfed all over my car!  Almost 35 bucks, yikes! *groans*

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Current Music: Destiny's Child - "Survivor" album


Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005 06:56 pm (UTC)

This is where a cell phone comes in very handy. I can understand why you wouldn't want the extra expense of one at this point, though. Hopefully you and Amanda will be able to get together soon? It's supposed to be nice weather, 80 or below and no rain, Sunday-Wednesday. At least that's what they're saying at this point. Sounds nice for playing mini golf.

Steve K
Sat, Aug. 20th, 2005 08:12 am (UTC)

This is where a cell phone comes in very handy.
Yeah, I said there are about three times each year where I wish I had one adn the rest of the time it doesn't matter. She agreed! Hopefully, we'll get together when she gets back from vacation.

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Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005 07:46 pm (UTC)

ohhhh i miss taco bell! for some stupid reason there are none in quebec... back in my youth, a night of clubbing wasn't complete without a stop for 7-layer burritos.


Steve K
Sat, Aug. 20th, 2005 08:17 am (UTC)
Taco Bell

ohhhh i miss taco bell! for some stupid reason there are none in quebec...
D'oh! Perhaps the French separatists think it's too "American" and have zoning laws against allowing them to come in. Darn it, you deserve to have a 7-layer burrito once in a while! *shakes fist*

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Fri, Aug. 19th, 2005 01:48 am (UTC)

$2.59 a gallon is why my dear friend that I drive a hybrid. 49 miles per gallon and roughly 600 miles per tank...and a tank is only 11 gallons. With commuting into the city, I only drive about 10 miles a day (M-F) and maybe a little more on the weekends, but the bottom line is that the last itme I filled up was almost 2 weeks ago and I still have 1/2 a tank! All that and it's better for the environment too! ;-)

Steve K
Sat, Aug. 20th, 2005 08:19 am (UTC)

All that and it's better for the environment too!
I would very much like to get one. Hopefully one of these days, like when I have a job. *groans*

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